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Manage your team and do everything to make your players fighting fit.
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Primary TeamEdit


Click on a player for more details. Use drag & drop to assign players to positions within your formation. Drag players to the Squad List (on the right) to replace them with substitutes.



Be careful. You still have injured or fatigued players so your squad is not yet complete! Either exchange or recover players or auto-fix by clicking the button.

Squad ListEdit


Show the position, name, rating, boosts and fatigue.

Player DetailsEdit


Show the photo, name, position, strong foot, nationality, goals & assists, bookings and value.



Your player's abilities on the pitch are defined by four attributes: Skill, Power, Aguility and Mentality. Combined, they define the player's Overall Rating. To level up, your players need to play league matches which will earn them experience points (XP).



Your players are awarded experience points (XP) for every league match they play, especially for victories. When a player has gained enough XP, they will level up. Every time the XP progress bar is filled, you can pick on attribute to increase: Skill, Power, Aguility or Mentality.

Special SkillsEdit


COMING SOON - This feature is not yet available.

Special Skills are not yet available. Become a fan of 'Kamicat Football 2013' to be notified as soon as Special Skills are available.

  • Special Skills can be taught by your team's coach.



This bar represents your player's energy. Playing league matches will gradually deplete a player's energy. Rotate players to give fatigued members of your squad a chance to recover, or instantly recover a player's energy here (use KamiCash).



Player contracts are effective for a certain number of league matches. If you don't renew a player's contract before the contracted term runs out, the player will leave the club after the last contracted match. Make sure not to miss contract renewal!



Players may suffer injuries during matches which render them unfit to play for a certain period. You can heal players here (use KamiCash) to recover them instantly.



You can buy boosts to improve your players. Boosts will increase certain player attributes for a number of matches. Every player can be equipped with up to three boosts at a time.

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Kamicat Football 2013 - Fußball Soccer Fútbol

Kamicat Football 2013 - Fußball Soccer Fútbol

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