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Tips to earn SilverCoins:Edit

  1. Sign a sponsor to earn SilverCoins. Go to your Finances & Administration building and choose a sponsor. You will be able to collect regular payments.
  2. Winning league matches and recruiting friends to play Kamicat Football 2013 will both increase your Club Popularity. A higher Club Popularity will turn result in more spectators and income.
  3. Play league matches to earn SilverCoins from ticket sales. Audience attendance depends on your Club Popularity, on your stadium's capacity, and on the league you play in.
  4. You can give free SilverCoins to other players as a gift. Click on a friend in the friend bar below and select "Gift". Give a gift to nice people and they may gift back.
  5. Don't just try to increase your stadium's capacity. The higher the stadium's category, the more money you can ask for tickets. The category of stadium parts is indicated by star icons.
  6. When playing in a low division, you might experience rather mediocre attendance at matches. Climb up the league pyramid to stir audience interest!
  7. For every league match you win, you will receive a match reward. From time to time, some extra SilverCoins can come as gift.



Kamicat Football 2013 - Fußball Soccer Fútbol

Kamicat Football 2013 - Fußball Soccer Fútbol

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