How can my players regenerate energy when they are exhausted?Edit

Your players will regenerate energy when they can rest during league matches and don't play (i.e. when they are not in the squad list, but rather deployed as substitute players). Every player who does not play in a league match, will have regenerated some energy after the match. Collect energy bubbles regularly to regenerate your team's energy. Also, you should collect those energy icon bubbles that you can find on the main game screen when you come back to the game after a while. These will help your players regenerate energy. Collecting these bubbles will recover a tiny little bit of energy for every player in your team. It's only a little bit, but you can come back to the game several times a day to collect more battery bubbles. It adds up. There are bubbles with one, two, and three battery icons. The more batteries you see, the more energy will be regenerated.